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Re: sleep with TiPB on 2.4.6 broken

Thought I might just jot this down and send it just as a quick 

benh 2.4.6 (1.5 weeks old)
no apm_emu
/etc/power/level; contains "1 2"  (<--dont even know if thats the proper 

without airport mods loaded, but not on:

closed lid 8pm-->opened lid 9am; 3bars battery left and everything running 
just fine.

with airport mods loaded and on(network working fine):

close lid--> open lid 1 hour later; everything running and working.

**will try sleeping in console tonight as per problems from some users 
problems with TiPB.

Thanks to BenH and all working on this stuff. My iBook2 is the best computer 
I have ever owned due to your efforts and support(hollis,slice,mutex, etc).

John Hughes

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