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Re: sleep with TiPB on 2.4.6 broken Re: Sleep on TiBook, getting Gnome sounds working

>close lid within console - TiPB goes to sleep and LED is off - TiPB only
>comes back with hard-reset (ctrl-apple-power)
>with the 2.4.6 kernel (without thermal management) it is the same like
>with 2.4.4 and closing the lid within console. It doesn´t matter if i´m
>in console or X the TiPB never wakes up.
>BTW. The thermal management crashes my TiPB during boot before mounting
>any filesystem.
>Here are the items in /var/log/messages,
>First the 2.4.4 within X:

Well, I think (not completely sure yet) that the problem comes from the
generic console sleep code. Could both of you have a look at
drivers/char/console.c, and comment out the call to pm_register()
around line 670. Eventually grab the file from a working 2.4.x (well,
that may require some editing to compile) and tell me what happens.

Thanks !


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