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Re: Sleep on TiBook, getting Gnome sounds working

> >To make the behaviour consistent?  The default for PMU_VERSION_KEYLARGO
> >is SIGPWR, for everything else is snooze.
> >
> >The justification for this as given by the comments in the code is
> >incidentally somewhat different to the behaviour it produces.
> >
> >    /* HACK: shut the machine down when lid is closed */
> >
> >It doesn't, closing the lid will still attempt to cause the machine to
> >snooze (unless pre-empted by a shutdown as the default pwrctl script
> >attempts to do).

That's actually a bogus comment: the SIGPWR flag is only evaluated on
critically low battery, not on snooze.

> This should be fixed in pmud. The PMU driver now supports an ioctl telling
> you if sleep is supported or not on the machine. If the ioctl is
> not implemented, you get an error and can revert to the old mecanism.

Which ioctl?


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