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Re: Xfree4(.1) on Lombard?

Michael Schmitz wrote:
> > So how do you boot? (we use BootX). Which kernel arguments? (we use
> Don't. Use yaboot. BootX runs as part of the MacOS startup, and MacOS sets
> up overlapping PCI resources for the Mach64. The X server doesn't like
> that, and disables one of these resources. This the kernel cannot cope
> with. With XFree 4.0, on my Lombard, the result was always the same:
> kernel panic, on occasion followed by severe filesystem corruption.

BTW reading the XFree86 DESIGN document recently I discovered that there are
functions to claim resources as fixed; AFAIU that should prevent the server
from messing with them. I wonder if the crashes could be prevented if the
fbdev driver used that for the framebuffer device resources.

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