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Re: Wine

I'm sorry to have to tell you this but it just doesn't count unless
you're running Linux.


"McNiel, Jeff" wrote:
> Well, I haven't done that (I haven't yet taken the time
> to get MOL to work), but I have run a GNU shell (cygwin)
> and emacs on WinNT4 under VirtualPC on MacOS9 and it runs
> reasonably fast on my Pismo! (~ the same as a 400Mhz PII)
> It is quite fun to see the double takes as folks realize
> that the box is a Mac!  I'll have to try the MOL some day...
> Cheers, Jeff
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> > A very strange way to run Windows on Linux...emulate MacOS on
> > Linux then run
> > VirtualPC on it and install Windows with VirtualPC.
> > Terrible !!!

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