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Taking the plunge with an ibook

Having been working on embedded PowerPC hardware for quite a while, I'm now thinking of getting an iBook as my next laptop.

I've done a bit of searching around, but I could do with confirmation from somebody who's got one: 1) The RGB output port. Is this just good old VGA, or is it something else (like the RGB with PAL timings my DVD player produces)? Apple's site is very vague on this one. 1a) And can you use it under Linux yet? Can I output 800x600 if faced with a video projector that won't do 1024x768? 2) Any problems with the ethernet and USB? I'll need to use a USB mouse and USB serial adapter, and to run embedded systems as diskless clients of the iBook.
And lastly:
3) Any of the other peripherals (audio, firewire, modem) likely to be a source of trouble?

Thanks for any help you can give...

Adrian Cox   http://www.humboldt.co.uk/

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