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Re: pppconfig on iMac

On Mon, Jul 02, 2001 at 02:44:13PM +0200, Jan Schröder wrote:
> I am quite new to debian on ppc.
> I need some help with the internal modem in my iMac.
> Which is the device name of this modem?
> I tried
> /dev/ttySx
> ans
> /dev/cua
> Any of these worked. I'd appreciate a good advice.

well once you have loaded the macserial module (ie dont use the stadnard
serial stuff in the kernel as it is x86) you get whatever serial deevices are
in the machine.

On my powerbook modprobe macserial causes the irda and the modem driver to be
available on the standard ttySX

I use the built in modem at /dev/ttyS0

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