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Re: Taking the plunge with an ibook

On Monday 02 July 2001 10:50, Adrian Cox wrote:
> Having been working on embedded PowerPC hardware for quite a while, I'm
> now thinking of getting an iBook as my next laptop.

Got one, its great, running nothing but linux(ydl 2.0 + benh 2.4.6)

> I've done a bit of searching around, but I could do with confirmation
> from somebody who's got one:
> 1) The RGB output port. Is this just good old VGA, or is it something
> else (like the RGB with PAL timings my DVD player produces)? Apple's
> site is very vague on this one.
> 1a) And can you use it under Linux yet? Can I output 800x600 if faced
> with a video projector that won't do 1024x768?

It comes with a special dongle the is standard vga.
There are boot time options for turning it on. I've only played with it once, 
but the console worked fine. X on the other hand didn't. Prolly just a config 
thing, but I haven't had the time to work it out.

> 2) Any problems with the ethernet and USB? I'll need to use a USB mouse
> and USB serial adapter, and to run embedded systems as diskless clients
> of the iBook.

With the 2.4.X kernels, my intellimouse(laser thingie) works just fine, so 
does my microtech card reader(ibm micro drive reader).

> And lastly:
> 3) Any of the other peripherals (audio, firewire, modem) likely to be a
> source of trouble?

Sound doesn't work, an it will prolly be a little bit before it does. argh.
> Thanks for any help you can give...

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