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SOLVED MOL Crash (was: ReiserFS + MOL = Crash)


Finally, I solved really strange problem when MOL crashed if Linux 
partition formatted as ReiserFS volume. Although main is currently 
reformatted to ext2, the same problem did exists there, too, for some 
time. I am 95% sure ReiserFS was not a culprit (I will try ReiserFS/MOL 
this weekend anyway).

The problem actually was that MOL has one of this kind of bug:

a) parsing molrc;
b) logical evaluation of hardware/configuration info (the most common is 
a typo like & instead of &&);
c) using link to or temp copy of outdated molrc. I found one old copy of 
molrc in /usr/etc, although this file should be only in /etc.

Solution: if you have hard MOL crash, and until this issue will be 
clarified and solved completely, I recommend manually remove all MOL 
files from /etc and /usr/lib/mol, and do ONLY MINIMAL changes in molrc.

At least, it worked in my case, I have compiled MOL 0.9.58-1 and 0.9.59, 
with glibc 2.2 and 2.2.17, and all the time MOL worked fine in both 
console and X mode.

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