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Re: switching to linux keycodes in woody

> interesting.. running showkey on both my x86 and powerpc the arrow
> keys are producing the exact same keycodes.  this is 2.2.19.  i don't
> see why X would have a problem.. are you sure this is still the case?
> (i don't run X on powerpc)

Surely so.  I have X 4.0.3 from testing, and am using linux keycodes.
In order to get my arrow keys working correctly, and be able to use the
command key as meta in emacs, I wound up creating the following .Xmodmap =

keycode 104 = KP_Enter
keycode 111 = Up
keycode 116 = Down
keycode 113 = Left
keycode 114 = Right
clear mod1
clear mod4
keycode 133 = Meta_L
add mod1 = Alt_L
add mod4 = Meta_L

and I had to add

xset r 113
xset r 116

to my .gnomerc so that up and down arrows would auto-repeat.  Doubtless
there is some better solution, but I was not able to find it, even after
trolling through ML archives and various HOWTOs.

Note the arrows and such seem to work fine in console with linux keycodes.

FWIW, I am running a benh 2.4.4pre3, since I like to be able to sleep my
TiBook and use the mixer and such not.


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