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Re: G4 Cube FWUpdate -->boot fiasco

On Thu, Jun 07, 2001 at 04:18:00AM +0200, Karl-Heinz Haag wrote:

> Thank you very, very much for your help. 
> I'll try the rebooting torture tomorrow. 
> Since Monday I am completely in 'unstable' and with your tips to me and
> the others for the last 2-3 hours I again was able to boot into Debian
> via the OFW. 
> The first thing I did was to apt-get the 2.2.19 kernel-image. 
> Q refering to that: what is with that 'quik.conf' and 'quikconfig' for
> NewWorld machines. Does it really write a boot block? 
> I can't believe that it has any function. It had no active entries in
> the juvenile install configuration! Or what is the corresponding 
> thing to 'lilo' on i386 platform? 

it does install a bootblock on your root partition, but as i have said
its totally worthless on NewWorlds since OF can't load it.  

if you have a newworld your best way to fix that right now is:

apt-get --purge remove quik

its just cruft on a newworld, get rid of it. 

> That leads me to the Q of how compiling a kernel for PPC: 
> I succeeded on Monday in: make dep clean zImage modules modules_install 
>  ('b'zImage is not supported by the Makefile; why? - is there something
>   corresponding? Or does the 'better' PPC hardware not urge to such
>   measures)

bzImage is a kludge to deal with the fundementally broken design of
the x86 archetecture, its not relevant anywhere else since there is no
other archetecture which is that lame.  

you should use make-kpkg from the kernel-package to build a kernel
.deb its much simpler and straighforward then all of this.  

> But what's next? Corresponding to 'make bzlilo' or 'make bzdisk'?

niether will work on powerpc.  both are i386 only. 

> How do you activate a boot block overtaking the new kernel file? 
> Is it sufficent to cp System.map and new-built kernel file to /boot/...
> and linking /vmlinux to it? 

yes, but kernel-package makes this eaiser.  

> Commandig mkofboot and/or ybin after that? 
> I need some information at this point....

update /etc/yaboot.conf and rerun ybin.  just like you would do on x86
with lilo.

Ethan Benson

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