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Re: G4 Cube FWUpdate -->boot fiasco

On Thu, Jun 07, 2001 at 01:33:55AM +0200, Karl-Heinz Haag wrote:

> All this is lost now! 
> For I did the newest "recommended" 'G4 Cube FWUpdate' version 4.1.8 
> I did it having tested the additional RAM before. 
> I had not thought of it damaging completely the boot configuration, even
> the boot GUI apple-feature.

it shouldn't have.  

> The new situation:
> 1) Booting into OpenFirmware now still shows the linux entry but it 
>    doesn't boot Debian any more. 
> 2) Booting with the 'Option' key pressed now flickers up the boot 'GUI'
>    for a short moment. In it only the boot volume choosed in one of the
>    MacOSes can be seen. Then I get an OpenFirmware prompt. There I only
>    see the possibility typing 'boot mac-os' to get a system.
> 3) Additionaly now I haven't any possibility to boot from a CD. 
>    Neither pressing 'c' nor with the Option key.
> What can I do get a boot status similar to that before the RomUpdate? 
> Thanks a lot for hints.

it sounds like the nvram is corrupted, this is not normal behavior
regardless of a linux installation.  

shut it down, and boot it cold while holding down command option p r
keep them down until it reboots itself 3 or more times.  this should
reset the nvram to sane defaults, and if your bootstrap partition is
first it should boot into debian.  if you still have difficulty with
the debian bootloader i recommend you check that your using the
current yaboot package in potato, and rerun mkofboot -f.  i highly
recommend you get the yaboot package from woody and install that
however, its more reliable.   remember you MUST rerun ybin or mkofboot -f 
after upgrading the yaboot package, the active bootlaoder is NOT
upgraded until you do.

Ethan Benson

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