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Re: Powerbook G3 1999 xfree 4.0.2 accel?

    Well, very productive day at work. :)

    I tried a go at a 2.4.5-pre3 kernel optimized for ppc and had a no go
with most of it's "enhanced" features.

    I did notice though, that my r128 driver somehow is compiled from 4.0.1
source whereas everything else is at 4.0.3-3 or 4.0.2. Hmmm. I can't seem to
find the r128 source anywhere though.

    I read somewhere that BootX did not like XFree86-4 before 2.4.x for the
Lombard. Don't know if that is true after todays work.

    I was though, quite happy that sound worked >right< after reboot with
the new kernel, thats a first.


on 6/7/01 1:50 PM, Michael Schmitz at
schmitz@opal.biophys.uni-duesseldorf.de wrote:

>>> No, you're right. You can guess as much from the video=atyfb kernel
>>> argument (as opposed to aty128fb) used on these machines.
>> Actually, a Lombard needs no kernel args. It will boot into
>> 1024x768@60hz automagically. Almost all portables boot into their
> I haven't tried without kernel args in a long time. But when I first
> tried, the resolution was wrong and mclk was inappropriate. So I stuck
> with the kernel args :-)
> Michael
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