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Re: Success!! [was: BootX & Booting without keyboard/monitor]

>> It would be cool to have (I still have a MacOS backup system) :( MacOS on
>> the system with BootX, and in the linux init scripts, rerun the lines above.
>> To get to MacOS, just reset boot-device, and up comes MacOS.  BootX back to
>> linux, and you have a seemingly MacOSless system, quik restarts and
>> everything.
> its not nearly that complicated.  you can have quik execute forth
> words, an old example (that i am not certain actually works) is:
> image=$bye
>  label=macos
> this may work as well
> image=$boot /AAPL,ROM
>  label=macos

There's an example of a dual boot menu Forth script at


I didn't get it to work, but didn't spend much time with it; YMMV.


Chris Tillman

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