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Re: Video Argument for BootX

Almost forgot: there is also an official command for doing this
stuff in Debian: update-rc.d.  
Read the man page on update-rc.d and you should be able to set
things the way you like.


Andrew Sharp wrote:
> This is quite old.  I don't think even Redhat does it from inittab
> anymore.  It's done from /etc/init.d/[xw]dm these days.  It's all
> part of the default run level and what gets started and run for that
> level.  Somewhere there must be a howto on /etc/init.d and
> /etc/rc[0-6S].d directories.  Read them.  Read the howto's on X as
> well.  Or remove the xdm package, or just disable it by removing the
> links to /etc/init.d/xdm from /etc/rc[23].d
> The single user argument is "-s".  I think what the person who said
> this meant was to boot to single user mode, then do whatever it is
> you're going to do, like remove the xdm package.  That way X won't
> be making you annoyed before you can take care of it.
> Hope this crash course is of some use.
> a
> Michael Hallquist wrote:
> >
> > > In the meantime I could use a way to tell Linux not to start X Windows
> > > by
> > > default. Is there something I can put into the Kernel Argument pane in
> > > BootX
> > > that will accomplish this?
> > > Thanks
> >
> >         Starting X Windows by default is not, to my knowledge, determined
> > by kernel arguments.  Also, adding single to your arguments will start
> > the machine in single user mode, which is most likely not what you
> > want.  It sounds to me like you have a line in your inittab that is
> > respawning the xdm process.  Look in /etc/inittab for a line resembling:
> >
> > x:5:respawn:/etc/X11/prefdm -nodaemon
> >
> > Comment this line out.
> >
> > (That line's from Redhat 6.2 i386, so it will likely be different in the
> > Debian files, but I don't seem to have the line in mine)
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