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Re: Video Argument for BootX

In the meantime I could use a way to tell Linux not to start X Windows by default. Is there something I can put into the Kernel Argument pane in BootX
that will accomplish this?

Starting X Windows by default is not, to my knowledge, determined by kernel arguments. Also, adding single to your arguments will start the machine in single user mode, which is most likely not what you want. It sounds to me like you have a line in your inittab that is respawning the xdm process. Look in /etc/inittab for a line resembling:

x:5:respawn:/etc/X11/prefdm -nodaemon

Comment this line out.

(That line's from Redhat 6.2 i386, so it will likely be different in the Debian files, but I don't seem to have the line in mine)

Hope that helps,

Michael Hallquist

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