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Re: Kernel image

On Fri, Apr 13, 2001 at 10:29:40PM -0400, dan jewett wrote:
> >also make sure that /dev/hdb6 is type Apple_Bootstrap and not
> >Apple_HFS.  otherwise MacOS will screw it up.
> Does this mean that when I run mkofboot and I'm prompted with "make 
> hfs filesystem on /dev/hda9? [y/N]" that I should choose No?  I have 

no, that question is asking about creating an HFS filesystem on the
partition, mkofboot never touches the partition table.  

that warning is there so users are clear that mkofboot is about to
destroy the partition in question.  some people set boot= to silly
things like /dev/hda 

> been choosing yes and having no problems until the OS X install.  I'm 
> getting "kernel not found" everytime I boot with the yaboot menu.  I 

usually caused by not setting `partition=' correctly.  

> read the recent thread arguing the preferred location of the 
> bootstrap menu and I have the following for a partition setup:
> /dev/hda1-8 Apple drivers,patch,etc.
> /dev/hda9	Apple_Bootstrap	bootstrap	800.0k	Unknown
> /dev/hda10	Apple_Unix_SVR2	/		1.5G	Linux native
> /dev/hda11	Apple_Unix_SVR2	/home		3.3G	Linux native
> /dev/hda12	Apple_Unix_SVR2	swap		128.0M	Linux swap
> /dev/hda13	Apple_HFS	untitled	100.0M	HFS
> /dev/hda14	Apple_Boot	MOSX_OF3_Booter	8.0M	Unknown
> /dev/hda15	Apple_Loader	Secondary Loader512.0k	Unknown
> /dev/hda16	Apple_UFS	Mac_OS_X	4.4G	unknown
> /dev/hda17	Apple_HFS	untitled	9.8G	HFS

*PERFECT* you get a gold star.  

> where /dev/hda13 is an HFS standard exchange partition and OS 9 
> resides on /dev/hda17.
> yaboot.conf looks thusly:
> boot=/dev/hda9
> device=hd:
> partition=/dev/hda10

bzzt, wrong, this is supposed to be just the number not the /dev/hda


is what you want.  

this is why your kernels are not found. 

> macos=/dev/hda17
> macosx=/dev/hda14


> defaultos=macos
> delay=20
> timeout=20
> install=/usr/lib/yaboot/ofboot

er change that to:


[snip rest of config as its correct from there on]

> Once I get the "kernel not found" message at boot, the only way to 
> get back into Linux is to boot from the cd (using the open firmware 
> menu) execute a shell and run mkofboot.

yes, your yaboot.conf was too broken.  make the changes above and it
will work. 

> Which command is:
> mkofboot --boot /dev/hda9 -m /usr/lib/yaboot/ofboot --root /dev/hda10 
> --partition 10
> Correct or no?

yes that is correct, it will get a basic linux only bootstrap going,
just enough to get you booted so you can setup a real /etc/yaboot.conf
which has all the options you want. 
> I can't boot linux from the OF menu (though it shows up there as a 
> choice) because it takes me back to the yaboot menu and "kernel not 
> found" again.

see above.

> Yaboot seemed to be working fine prior to my OS X installation.  Oh 
> and yes, I'm a complete newbie.

OSX isn't the problem, you just made some errors in your

make the above changes and run mkofboot -f -v

then your boot menu will work perfectly.  

Ethan Benson

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