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Kernel image

I'm using Yaboot to boot my LinuxPPC on a G3 350 mhz,
the disk is partitioned in this way:

hdb6 > (HFS) here is placed the yaboot file and kernel image
hdb7 > (Linux) /boot
hdb8 > (Swap)
hdb9 > (Linux) /
hdb10 > (Linux /usr

when I boot the system Yaboot load the kerne image from HFS partition


if I try to load image directly from Linux boot (/boot/vmlinux) I've
an error example:

image=hd:7, /boot/vmlinux "Error"
image=ultra1:7, /boot/vmlinux "Error"
image=/boot/vmlinux "Error"

I've also used backslash (\boot\vmlinux) with same results.

Is possible with Yaboot mount the Linux filesystem without first I've
loaded kernel image ?

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