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Re: Kernel image

On Mon, Apr 09, 2001 at 09:51:11AM +0200, lorenzodevito@libero.it wrote:
> I'm using Yaboot to boot my LinuxPPC on a G3 350 mhz,
> the disk is partitioned in this way:
> hdb6 > (HFS) here is placed the yaboot file and kernel image

kernels do NOT belong on HFS filesystems.  

> hdb7 > (Linux) /boot

its better not to bother with /boot partitions if you don't have to.  

> hdb8 > (Swap)
> hdb9 > (Linux) /
> hdb10 > (Linux /usr
> when I boot the system Yaboot load the kerne image from HFS partition
> image=vmlinux
> if I try to load image directly from Linux boot (/boot/vmlinux) I've
> an error example:
> image=hd:7, /boot/vmlinux "Error"
> or
> image=ultra1:7, /boot/vmlinux "Error"
> or
> image=/boot/vmlinux "Error"
> I've also used backslash (\boot\vmlinux) with same results.
> Is possible with Yaboot mount the Linux filesystem without first I've 
> loaded kernel image ?

of course, that is the only correct way to do it. 

first, if you use linuxppc yaboot, throw it away and install ybin and
the yaboot that comes with it.  linuxppc yaboot is broken.

then you need a /etc/yaboot.conf like so:



run mkofboot which will erase your current bootstrap partition
(/dev/hdb6) and setup yaboot correctly.  it should then boot kernels
from that /boot partition.  though to make things simpler i recommend
getting rid of the /boot /partition and keeping your kernels on the
root partition (/boot just being a directory on / instead of a
partition of its own).  

also make sure that /dev/hdb6 is type Apple_Bootstrap and not
Apple_HFS.  otherwise MacOS will screw it up.  

Ethan Benson

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