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Re: Debian X package shouldn't install XDM by default

On Thu, Apr 12, 2001 at 04:51:46AM -0800 or thereabouts, Ethan Benson wrote:
> did you select task-x-window-system ?  if so thats why it depends on
> xdm.  anXious can do nothing about that.  
> when is anXious even asking about this anyway?  it can't be in the
> postinst... 

When you install debian, it installs the base packages, then you reboot,
answer some questions, one of which is about the package selection: either
advanced (using dselect) or simple (using a task selector). I wager
many people choose simple, as I did once (cause I was too lazy that day
to go through dselect ;)  ).

Now if you select simple, the only way you can install xwin is with
task-x-window-*.  (unless you use apt-get once everything is installed,
but that's not the point in this discussion :)  )

This installs anXious. anXious asks if you want xdm, so I would think it
wouldn't install it if I said no... But as you said task-x-window-system
installs xdm. So something's not completely consistent here...


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