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Re: potato on PB G3

On Thu, 12 Apr 2001, Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:

} In case I should consider a complete reinstallation and I would do it
} like you do, I'd clean the partition table with 'i', create the
} bootstrap as 2nd, create my Linux partitions and then create the HFS
} volumes, right?

If you are going to keep MacOS around, I would still recommend you do
the initial formatting with Apple's Utility first.  The initial small
partitions will contain the requisite info for MacOS, then the first
partition AFTER those should be the Apple_Bootstrap partition for your 
Linux install, then after that, you should be able to divide up space
between MacOS and linux as you desire.

The only reason I did NOT put Apple_Bootstrap before MacOS partitions
was because I just wanted to keep all my MacOS partitions on the first
part of the disk, and my linux "stuff" on the latter.  After playing
with OF commands a little, if I lose the settings that allow the PB to
boot of yaboot automatically, I can manually specify the OF commands,
and then reset them for auto-boot from within Linux.

Bottom line is: if you are going to keep MacOS around, don't touch the
driver and patch partitions.  But you can partition your disk to your
heart's content after that ;-)  Just keep some notes around, "in case"


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