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Re: potato on PB G3

psssht, we don't want to get emotional...

first of all, I *did* read your manual. And as you already know I managed to 
install both Linux and MacOS and get yaboot to work very nicely.

Now, as a Mac-newbie I have to believe the things you tell me and I'm also a 
little confused sometimes. That's why I'm seeking help from you. And Vinai 
told me to keep those driver partitions.
And your manual is not very clear about that. It just says that if you don't 
need MacOS, you can delete them. Well, I want to keep MacOS for now, and 
don't ask why - maybe I just want to.
Furthermore, your manual *does* list Driver43 and IOKIT partitions whenever 
the output of the 'p' command is shown. Don't you think that's a little 

In case I should consider a complete reinstallation and I would do it like 
you do, I'd clean the partition table with 'i', create the bootstrap as 2nd, 
create my Linux partitions and then create the HFS volumes, right?

Well, that wasn't that hard, was it?

But, hey, we're all humans :)

Thanks for spending time on me though,


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