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Re: Exhaustive memory test for Macs?

Mike Fedyk wrote:

>Has anyone else tried memtest?  It compiles on my potato ppc box, 7200 and
>g3, but it runs under the OS, and only checks memory that is mlock able.

Thanks for mentioning this.  I'm running it right now on my 8500.  It
seems to work fine, although it was only able to mlock 50 MB of the 96
MB I have installed.  But it clearly provides a much more exhaustive
test than the Newer Technologies RAMGauge.

I could probably get it to test more memory if I had less running on my
box, I'll try running it from single-user mode (give the -s kernel param
to BootX)... no, if I boot single-user I can still only test 50 MB.

Maybe I could compile a minimal kernel that would load this off a
ramdisk image, and use memtester for "init".

Even better would be to implement memtester as a device driver and load
the whole thing in the kernel.


It's at:

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