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Re: new installation

euhm, sorry for using the wrong reply subject before ...

>ah...  ok,  some OF video drivers are REALLY bogus and try and drive
>the monitor at really absurd resolutions like 640x380-42 or something
>rediculous like that, SOME monitors are actually able to grok it but
>most don't.

http://www.netbsd.org/Ports/macppc/models.html i found for my tanzania 4400
machine output-device /bandit/ATY,264VT which has the same problems as
'screen' white fast scrolling and messed up screen, ...

i really have no idea what to do anymore ...
i ordered a mac(8pin) to d-sub 9 pin serial cable so i at least have some
output from the OF, ...

but if i get back to that hfs boot disk, (the one provided on the debian cd)
what is it supposed to do ?

it is booting from the disk, at least reading it and then i see a messed up
terminal, scrolling lines just like you have with a missconfigured X, but i
can see there is the tux fb logo, but after some seconds, it changes to
black, is it the hardware of the monitor itself that doesnt handle the wrong
refreshrate or so, i dont know, ... what is supposed to happen ? a full
kernel load with dmesg output ? and then resulting in the debian boot screen
like you have when booting from cdrom ?

i dont know


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