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Re: Debian disk image

> ok, but, how can i get it out of that package ? i do have debian boxes,
> they are i386, sparc and alpha, so i ll never get the right powerpc kernel
> images ... ?
> and one more question, how do i make a hfs diskette ? is that the normal
> filesystem diskettes are formatted with when formatting one under macos ?

woohoo, i found it all myself ...
i downloaded the kernel-image .deb from ftp and dpkg -x extracted it to a
directory then got the hfsutils formated a disk and hcopy'ed the coff file
to the disk

as i cant seem to get into OF, i used the bootvariables program to

 fd:vmlinux.coff-2.2.18pre21 video=atyfb:vmode:12

like i was told to, and also changed OF input and output to kbd and screen,
and rebooted,

first i got some white flickering on the screen (i think that was the OF,
but it doesnt want to display ... is there a setting i can change for that
? ) and then it started reading the floppy, that kernel, but still nothing
than a black screen, also after it has done reading from the floppy, nothing
than black ....

any idea ?


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