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Re: Debian disk image

On Wed, Apr 11, 2001 at 12:14:38PM +0200, Bruno Waes wrote:

> as i cant seem to get into OF, i used the bootvariables program to

have you tried changing the input-device and output-device variables?

and still no OF?  maybe OF does not support the video on your

>  fd:vmlinux.coff-2.2.18pre21 video=atyfb:vmode:12
> like i was told to, and also changed OF input and output to kbd and screen,
> and rebooted,
> first i got some white flickering on the screen (i think that was the OF,
> but it doesnt want to display ... is there a setting i can change for that

ah...  ok,  some OF video drivers are REALLY bogus and try and drive
the monitor at really absurd resolutions like 640x380-42 or something
rediculous like that, SOME monitors are actually able to grok it but
most don't.  

> ? ) and then it started reading the floppy, that kernel, but still nothing
> than a black screen, also after it has done reading from the floppy, nothing
> than black ....
> any idea ?

it sounds like the kernel loaded and started booting but something
went wrong, probably it didn't setup the framebuffer right.  

one problem i can see obviously the kernel you are booting is not
going to find a root filesystem anywhere so even if you could actually
see anything it would panic due to lack of a root.  

im not sure offhand what the command line args for floppy based
initrds are though.. 

the fact that you don't even see any dmesg stuff makes me suspect the
kernel isn't even getting near that stage anyway. 

Ethan Benson

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