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Re: Journaling FS for PPC (was Re: gcc version for kernel compiles)

Jason E. Stewart <jason@openinformatics.com> wrote:
> "Michel Daenzer" <daenzer@relog.ch> writes:

>> AFAIK that should only yet be a problem with gcc-3.0 (which in turn is needed
>> for ReiserFS yet).

> Speaking as one who would really like to have a journaling FS on my
> 80Gb FW drive, is ResierFS ready for use on PPC? What about XFS??

XFS works fine on the ppc - i'm running my imac complete with XFS
for some months now (also posted something about this from time to
time here) ... for XFS you can use the normal gcc (i used the one
part of SuSE 7.0 ppc) ... but aside from that it worked really good
for me you should make good backups with any of the new filesystems

to find more information about XFS look at


and my stuff for XFS on ppc you may find at


one problem which is there with XFS on ppc is the bad integration
of the ppc code into the mainline kernel (on which the SGI XFS cvs
tree - which to use i really recommend - is based) - so getting
XFS patched in might take a little bit of work if you are starting 
from one of the ppc trees - or you use my merged trees from the
above link (will update it soon to 2.4.3)

good luck


thomas graichen <tgr@spoiled.org> ... perfection is reached, not
when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no
longer anything to take away. --- antoine de saint-exupery

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