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Printing Help Needed


I have two AppleTalk printers (LaserWriter 12/640 and Tektronix Phaser 
740L), which needs to be working with Linux and Samba. I have created two 
printcap entries (shown below), spool directories, .paprc files inside 
spool directories, and updated papd.conf file.


1) After sending PostScript job (with lpr) from Linux virtually nothing 
happen (although spool file DOES EXIST inside spool directory). lpd and 
Netatalk 1.499 are running (I can even send postscript file directly to 
both printers with pap, but not lpr). Checking printers with papstatus 
reports that both printers are OK. I have restarted Linux, but it did not 
helped either. All permissions are also OK.

2) Printing from Mac results PostScript error.

What could be the problem? Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance. 


"<- comments" do not exist in config files, I've added them only in this 


        :sd=/var/spool/lpd/LW640:\ <- .paprc is OK
        :of=/etc/atalk/filters/ofpap: <- filter exists

        :sd=/var/spool/lpd/Phaser740L:\ <- .paprc is OK
		      :if=/var/log/lpd-errs:\       <- created and exist
        :of=/etc/atalk/filters/ofpap:  <- filter exists



LW640 Linux:\
	:pd=/etc/PPD/LaserWriter-12-640-PS.PPD:   <- PPD file OK

Phaser740L Linux:\
	:pd=/etc/PPD/TEK740L.PPD:    <- PPD file OK

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