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Re: X Mouse doesn't work on 8500; how to accellerate X

MaX in the FaX wrote:
> Alle ore 01:25, lunedì 09 aprile 2001, Michael D. Crawford ha scritto:
> > I have a fresh install of Debian on a Power Mac 8500.  This is an "old
> > world" machine, with ADB keyboard and mouse and a PowerPC 604 processor.
> >
> > Using the framebuffer server, X startx up without complaint but I can't
> > move the mouse.  /dev/mouse is linked to /dev/input/mice.  The major and
> > minor numbers are 13, 63.  I also tried linking it to /dev/input/mouse0,
> > with numbers 13,32.  Still no go.
> >
> Hi all,
> I have a lot of problem with my debian 2.2 in a old 8200.
> can you post me your XF86Config to compare with mine, please?
> I my machine, X do not start at all.
> I'm not expert in PPC machine, but I suspect that you have some conflict with
> gpm. Try to disintall gpm.

That's most likely the problem.  Try

/etc/init.d/gpm stop

and then try and restart X.


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