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Re: pmud / harddisk / kernel problem

> > This may be the case... I know I don't see any "ghost" windows when
> > sleeping with MacOS(X), but they may be "clearing" the display before
> > entering sleep mode.  I know I also hadn't noticed this when sleeping my
> > 3400 under Linux, although I could see ghost windows on my 3400 when the
> > backlight was off...
> Hmmm... using 'fblevel 0' I don't see any ghosts, but when I use
> snooze I do...

Meaning the Mach64 isn't shut down on snooze (fblevel 0 directly tweaks
the Mach64 power management not only the backlight power IIRC). Is the
atyfb powermanagement hook really not run in the sleep notify chain? Hard
to believe.


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