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Re: pmud / harddisk / kernel problem

>> Hmmm... using 'fblevel 0' I don't see any ghosts, but when I use
>> snooze I do...
>curiouser and curiouser.  I just tested on my TiPB, with both fblevel and
>backlight (I assume they do the same thing), and setting the level to
>either 0 or off shows the same ghosts, as does "snooze".

My kernel, when either setting the backlight to 0 or snoozing, will switch
off the LVDS transmitter and the DAC of the ATI chip. For some reasons, when
I do that, the LCD "freeze" it's current display (sometimes, it also give
the "melt down" effect). If you change the screen content, things won't get
updated as the video chip is not transmitting. I can't tell if the LCD itself
is still eating power when that happens, and I don't know (yet ?) any way
to turn it off.


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