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Re: External Monitor under Pismo

On Fri, Apr 06, 2001 at 01:28:59AM +0200, Michel Dänzer wrote:
> You'd have to set ProjectRoot in host.def before the build.

it is detailed nicely on http://dri.sourceforge.net/doc/DRIcompile.html

which also mentions 

9.3 Update Locale Information 

To update your X locale information do the following: 

             cd ~/DRI-CVS/build/xc/nls
             ../config/util/xmkmf -a
             make install

This will prevent a locale error message from being printed when you run
Xlib programs. 

which I defintely reccomend doing, and I wonder why the how to compile X
guuides never seem to mention this that I have seen, the first time I
compiled X 4 for my pismo  I was wondering for about a month why I was
getting the locale error, until I compiled dri server and followed those
directions I still didnt know. From what I can tell when you build all of X
this is done anyway, but not when you build server only.

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