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Re: External Monitor under Pismo

>> Since I'm mirroring the LCD I only get 1024x768, and the pismo can
>> drive a 1600x1200@16 bit depth. So what needs to happen to aty128fb.c
>> to support the external monitor, and what can I do to make it happen??
> That is beyond *me* but maybe someone else knows. I am just the artist
> dude 'round the corner who likes to hack with perl and stuff.. :-)
> I think there is no support for the external monitor in that sense in
> the driver. In macos it can do real dualhead, so that would be possible
> at least in theory, and it would be pretty nice. But currently I think
> the mirrored display is all we have for Pismo. Which works nice for
> projectors though.

My understanding is that it still needs adding - as a first step you need
someone who has signed the NDA to get the specs for the ATI chips... and
understands how to write X servers... ;-)

you could try asking Ani Joshi?

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