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Re: Ancient date on TiBook (Was: Titanium trackpad blues)

"Kevin van Haaren" <kevin@vanhaaren.net> writes:

> At 4:28 PM -0700 4/5/01, Jason E. Stewart wrote:
> what about an init script that runs just after the network is up, but 
> before postgres, that checks the date and if it's < 2001 force it to 
> 1/1/2001 then run ntpdate to get the real date?

Hmmm... it might work. The issue is, I'm not sure if Pg is getting
borked because:
1) it's seeing a date prior to epoch
2) it's seeing an out of order date...

Your idea would work if 1) not if 2)

Probably the Pg init script should just check the date and if it's
wrong, refuse to start Pg with a big nasty error msg.


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