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Re: External Monitor under Pismo

"Andrew Sharp" <andy@netfall.com> writes:

> Does your laptop have a key sequence that will switch the output
> from LCD to CRT(external monitor) and back?  Mine does.  Fn-F8. 
> It's directly tied to the hardware and doesn't need any support in X
> or Linux.  Of course it's an x86 laptop, but it's the same video
> controller, so maybe your Pismo has something similar?  I have to
> hit it a couple-o' three times to get it to switch, and it does a
> three way deal: LCD, external, and both simultaneously.

AFAIK there is no such beast for Apple laptops. Under MacOS, in order
to get the OS to recognize a new external source, you have to sleep
the laptop and wake it up. 

I would be very happy if someone could prove me wrong ;-)


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