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External Monitor under Pismo

Hey All,

So after 7 months of flailing I finally got my Pismo to run it's
external monitor port, yeah!!! 

3 days before I had a talk to give about our OpenSource project, I
realized I was going to be using OpenOffice under linux, and I
couldn't actually drive a projector... So after I got done panicing I
hit google. I find a link on the YDL lists about the 'mirror' program
that appears to have been originally written by Paul Mackeras. 

It gives me the functionality I need, but unfortunately it doesn't
seem to work with 2.4 kernels, only 2.2. The program is doing some
pretty low-level memory mojo which I am clueless about. 

Could someone slightly wiser point out what would change between 2.2
and 2.4 that would cause this to break? Is it the base memory offset
for the framebuffer?


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