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Re: Web site development

Lorenzo De Vito wrote:

> I would like to ask to you, If you must create a website with over 40 pages and
> a database management (can be MySql) what kind of tool do you use, I know that I
> can use pure HTML with textual editor but if you know a RAD for HTML on LinuxPPc
> you make me happy because I have few time.

This isn't quite what you're looking for, but one better than a text editor is
Netscape Composer (or the Mozilla equivalent).  I've found that it gives a good
amount of control while keeping the formatting almost as light as hand-editing in a
text editor.

But it won't auto-update links when you change names of files or anchors, the way
professional tools will.  Sorry.

Any Zope users out there?  Does it come with an easy-to-use DTML editing
environment?  That's the next thing I'd try, and it's all OSS and built for Debian

Hope this helps,

-Adam P.

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