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Re: Q: double Boot for SMP 7300


there is always quikboot, works fine on my machine. For setting OF
parameters, check the manpage of 'nvsetenv'. You will find usefull
information there. 

Unfortunately, when booting MacOS, they like to erase the OF settings to
default. There is a program called systemdisk. I found very useful
information about OF on the netbsd.org homepage under PowerPC. They have
also patches for buggy OF's.


On 1 Mar 2001, Christoph Ewering wrote:

> Hello everybody!
> I have a 7300 that I have upgraded to a 2x604/200MHz SMP computer.
> Now I´m looking for a solution to my boot-problems.
> I have a little partition with this faked system-folder and I have BootX.
> If I boot into MacOS and then start BootX to run linux, the second cpu
> won´t run and I run a single cpu computer :-(
> If I set the startup disk to the faked system-folder (AFAIK miBoot) both
> cpus are running, but it is very difficult for me to get back to MacOS.
> Zapping P-RAM isn´t always possible and did not help either. Sometimes I
> unplug the batterie and reset the mainboard to get back to MacOS.
> AFAIK yaboot only works with NewWorld-Macs and a boot-menu run by
> OpenFirmware doesn´t help because OpenFirmware on this machine is so buggy.
> Any suggestions are welcome, thanks
> 	Christoph
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