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Re: mouse/SSL-browser/console fonts/beeping

> 1 - I am aware that many people "bind" the F11 and F12 keys to the second and third mouse
> buttons, yet I am curious as to whether it is possible to emulate these buttons by holding down
> the Option/Command keys while clicking (as under MacOS) - is this feasible? Is it also possible
> to make this work with gpm?

No, the kernel level mouse button emulation only allows you to use other
(keyboard) events in place of a mouse click. The X server is free to
interpret anything as button 2 and 3 events it pleases. See the Xinput

Option and Command are used as modifier keys so it might be possible to
look at the current modifier state in the mouse input driver, and modify
the driver code to change the mouse event according to option or command
state. Should not be too hard.

I guess no one's done that because it would not allow for things like
pressing middle and right keys simultaneously. Seemed like a dumb idea.


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