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mouse/SSL-browser/console fonts/beeping


[The first of these questions is copied from my previous email to the list.]

1 - I am aware that many people "bind" the F11 and F12 keys to the second and third mouse
buttons, yet I am curious as to whether it is possible to emulate these buttons by holding down
the Option/Command keys while clicking (as under MacOS) - is this feasible? Is it also possible
to make this work with gpm?

2 - Is there any "free" combination of programs that would allow me to browse SSL-enabled
websites? I have Mozilla M18-3, together with openssl 0.9.4-5 and libssl09 0.9.4-5, installed,
but the connection is always refused...

3 - Is it possible to find console fonts larger than 8x16?

4 - Is there any easy way in which I can make my Pismo produce a beep?

Thank you,


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