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Re: [Q] Upgrading the kernel to run MOL (revisited..)

Thanks for the help on binutils-dev
> see above.  you will also need to apply my patch to get it to link
> later.  my patch also fixes make install to go into /usr/local where
> it belongs. 

I also found the patches that you mentioned posted in the list archive.
After I was finally successful in applying them (used the --ignore-whitespace
option), I have encountered another problem when I try to make. Make fails
and outputs one line:
Rules.make:118: *** missing separator. Stop.

Reviewing your patches, I did find one which altered line 118 of the Rules.make
file.  It involves adding the -lelf option to the gcc compile command.  
I would attach a copy of your patch to this e-mail message, but it wouldn't
matter because even when I remove the -lelf option which the patch added, I get
the same error message. 

 Any idea about the "*** missing separator" and how to get around it.

ps. I applied your patches to the 0.9.53 source.

william crow

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