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Re: mozilla 0.8 from penguinppc and PSM

On Wed, Feb 21, 2001 at 09:00:10PM -0500, jeramy b smith wrote:
> US Export Regulations I think. Also, moz is being stripped down into smaller packages so try to isolate the browser component more. There are some people who don't want mail, development headers, or e-commerce security.

as i understand it the US export regulations have been relaxed enough
to where this should not be a problem, just so you don't intentionally
export to one of the blacklisted nations (cuba, iraq etc).

even if export regulations are a problem that does not preclude
properly merging the source in such a way that it can be distributed
as an actual patch to the mozilla source tree, much in the same way as
the international kernel patch works.  (the int kernel patch is being
distributed on ftp.kernel.org btw) 

as for breaking mozilla into smaller peices that is excellent news.  i
for one just want the browser not the crappy mail, news, irc, and
kitchen sink client.  

Ethan Benson

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