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XF 4.0.2 and Rage 128 PR


I'm a new user of Debian/PPC, although I used Debian/i386 for a long time... and it was a much easier time :-)

Now, I have an iMac rev. D (I think).. it is a blue iMac, with a G3 350Mhz and an ATI Rage 128 PR (according to lspci). I can use the Rage 128 in XFree 4 with the frame bruffer driver, but it seems it doesn't work with the r128 driver. Actually, looking at the initial messages of the r128 and at the source code in the 4.0.2 release, it seems that RAGE 128 PR is the only variant of Rage 128 which is not supported. Now, I wonder if it is really different from a Rage 128 PF (which IS supported) or if it possible to fix the problem by just patching the code so that PR and PF are treated in the same way. Does anyone have a clue on this?



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