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Re: Kernel panic in Debian Install

On Mon, Feb 19, 2001 at 11:13:12PM +1000, Ben Marsh wrote:
> Well it was a toss up between writing this to a kernel mailing list or the 
> debian one.  I hope I chose right.
> I get a kernel panic when writing the partition information in the debian 
> install.
> kernel panic: Exception in kernel pc c0205a6c signal 4

this has been known to happen on some machines recently, i thought it
was only SMP macs but it seems to happen on many of the very recent

> I don't know what to do next.  I really want to install debian.

the partition table *is* written, the kernel just crashes when
mac-fdisk tells it to reread the partition table.  so when you reboot
run a mac-fdisk -l /dev/hda and you should see the partition table you
just wrote (when the kernel paniced) 

> The kernel boots fine except for something that maybe wrong.  It seems to 
> flash to a white screen when the IDE lines are put on the screen and I catch 
> the word QUIESE(sp?) which I have come to associate with a non-fatal(?) 
> error.  I am not sure because it happens quickly.  Fdisk seems to run fine 
> but I get a panic when the partition writes.  When puting MacOS back on 
> DiskSetup finds the partitions that I created.  I have tried using a 
> bootstrap partition, creating smaller partitions but to no avail.

just partition things the way you want it (follow mac-fdisk-basics
from the doc section of my web page, and do create the bootstrap
partition correctly), write the table let the kernel crash, reboot and
go about the installation as if you just finished partitioning the
disk, don't try and repartition again since that will just kill the
kernel, a mac-fdisk -l will show that your partition table DID get
saved though.  

Ethan Benson

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