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Kernel panic in Debian Install

Well it was a toss up between writing this to a kernel mailing list or the debian one. I hope I chose right.

I get a kernel panic when writing the partition information in the debian install.

kernel panic: Exception in kernel pc c0205a6c signal 4

I don't know what to do next.  I really want to install debian.

I have a black iMac G3 400Mhz 128meg RAM 13gig hard disk and 4x DVD (Disks both IDE) . I'm not sure but the machine is probably a iMac DV SE

I downloaded linux and root.bin from potato. I also downloaded yaboot. I installed the yaboot.conf. I rebooted into openfirmware and booted linux using

boot hd:,yaboot

The kernel boots fine except for something that maybe wrong. It seems to flash to a white screen when the IDE lines are put on the screen and I catch the word QUIESE(sp?) which I have come to associate with a non-fatal(?) error. I am not sure because it happens quickly. Fdisk seems to run fine but I get a panic when the partition writes. When puting MacOS back on DiskSetup finds the partitions that I created. I have tried using a bootstrap partition, creating smaller partitions but to no avail.
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