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Re: Pushing up daisies...

On Sun, Feb 18, 2001 at 06:40:39PM +0000, Rob Andrews wrote:
> In newsgate.debian.powerpc, Ethan Benson wrote:
>  > > Aye, that's what I'd read. Thus bringing the sudden, painful realisation
>  > > to my head.
>  > sucks doesn't it :(
> Absolutely.
> Sucks even more to find there isn't an interrupt switch :(

i think there is, they are just sometimes hard to find.  

> There's no such switch noticeable on the case, so I pulled off the keyboard
> layer, then shed the shielding inside. There's nothing on the mainboard
> either - no pin headers or anything.
> So I've drawn a blank on that one.

what machine is this again?  imacs have two small pinholes inside the
door where all the usb and network ports are.  i have no idea on
ibooks or recent powerbooks.  

it has to have one somewhere since apple firmware upgrades require
that you hold it down until you get a tone before the upgrade can be

Ethan Benson

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