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Re: "CONFIG_BOOTX_TEXT=y" in default debian ppc kernel

On Fri, Feb 16, 2001 at 04:55:40PM -0800, Mike Fedyk wrote:
> > BOOTX_TEXT is a misnomor though, it really doesn't have much to do
> > with BootX at all.  its also not required for either BootX or
> > non-BootX booting.
> > 
> Why do we need BOOTX_TEXT in the debian kernel?  Is the installer using the
> debugger?  Are these early messages also reported do klogd?  If so, I can only
> see six lines that show up before I get a display on my mac.  System.map ...
> symbols ... device tree ...  How does this really help?

i don't think debian kernels need BOOTX_TEXT.  Dan would you consider
disabling this for potato r3's kernels?  

> Does the maintainer use xmon to test anything before it is released?  If so, I
> could understand him wanting to use the exact kernel he had his debugger on...

not that i know of, ask Dan.  

> This is obviously creating problems.  What's the big reason to have this
> enabled?
> Mike
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Ethan Benson

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