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Re: "CONFIG_BOOTX_TEXT=y" in default debian ppc kernel

On Thu, Feb 15, 2001 at 06:15:31PM -0800, Mike Fedyk wrote:
> Look in /boot/vmlinux-2.2.17, you'll see.
> Ethan, what kind of machines need CONFIG_BOOTX_TEXT=n with quik?

At least the 7200, I believe.

> What benefit do you get by enabling this option?  I've compiled kernels for my
> g3 with CONFIG_BOOTX_TEXT=n and using bootx without trouble.
> I've heard that this option does more than just give you more messages.  Am I
> right?

To my knowledge, it is only used for what it claims - to display text
early in boot.  This may encompass using a debugger (namely xmon) early
in boot.


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