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Re: OF setting for Quik booting in a 7200

Mike Fedyk wrote:
> Andrew Sharp wrote:
> >
> > Gee, quik works just fine on my 7200.  But the OF is so lame that it doesn't really matter whether quik works or not.  The two reliable methods I use for the 7200 are a boot floppy (the one from the CD with the editing changes suggested by another lister to boot using my hard drive's root partition) or using BootX from MacOS, which very easily allows me to use several different kernels.  The later was harder this time around because I had to install macos from scratch, and all I have is this 7.5.2 CD, and you don't get much when install that!
> >
> >
> Hmm, I can fit MacOS 8.5 in less than 35MB with a custom install.  50MB
> partition, bootx and virtual memory disabled in MacOS and I'm set.

It's not the size I'm talking about ... I installed everything that
was on the CD except the audio CD player.  What I got was the OS,
the gui, SimpleText and that was it!  No stuffit expander, no
nothing.  Plenty of free space left on the .5GB disk, but there just
isn't a lot you can do.  I presume the macos 8.x comes with some of
this stuff on the CD, or maybe there is supposed to be another CD
and I just don't have it.

> I keep BootX, kernel and debian ramdisk on a netatalk server and copy it over to
> each comp I'm installing linux on.

Good idea.  The stuffit installer didn't want extensions on, which
have to be on for networking to work, so I had to copy it over.  But
you're right, I should copy the expanded stuff over to the server
machine for future use.  And you know there is always another
install to do ~:^)

> >
> > http://www.aladdinsys.com/expander/
> >
> > Use their FTP site for hassle free downloading.  Netscape wanted to slaughter the download file otherwise no matter what I did.
> >
> Just use wget...

Uh, oh yeah.  ncftp works too.
> > One weird thing is that booting with quik on the 7500/7600 was always hit or miss, 90% miss actually, because the lame OF just didn't understand that the drive takes time to get ready.  Even the various workarounds suggested on the nvsetenv man page and on this list didn't work.
> >
> Did you try this?
> nvsetenv boot-command "begin ['] boot catch 1000 ms cr again"

That is what it has right now, from the nsetenv man page.  Doesn't
work.  It's not a quik problem though, it's an OF problem.  Every
once in a great while, it just works for no apparent reason.  And it
works when I do a `reboot' and so on.  But when powering up, only

> It works well on my 7300, which BTW is the only machine that I've had QUIK work
> on.  It's hard drive is going bad, so the week after next I'll work on it and
> try quik again.
> >
> So I made a special boot floppy as mentioned above.  Now quik works every time!
> >
> >
> I can't use the floppy on several machines because I need to make custom kernels
> and they won't fit on the floppy with the other utils.

I'm not actually using the floppy, it's just in the drive.  That's
the weird thing. For whatever reason, the OF finds the disk and
loads quik every time now, but if I take the floppy out, it goes
back to the "no such device sd@0:0" or whatever every ten seconds. 
I mentioned in a previous post that if I boot into OF, wait for the
disk to spin all the way up and just type "boot" it works fine.


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