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help on yaboot, please

How do I override the yaboot.conf manually?

I was playing with the partition table in order to use
the HD more efficiently. I even editted
/etc/yaboot.conf but was stupid enough not to remember
to run ybin before rebooting. So, my "rescue"
partition is /dev/hda17 but yaboot currently thinks it
is /dev/hda16 and refuse to boot. When I press <tab>,
yaboot tells me that I can type in custom image
locations, but I can't figure out the correct format
of the location. 

My goal is to be able to boot from /dev/hda17/vmlinux
with /dev/hda17 as the root partition WITHOUT the help
of yaboot.conf. My pismo has no HFS or HFS+ partition
and I do not have a bootable linux CD...

Thanks for your help.

Joongul Lee

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